The sun came out for our trip back to Keflavik to return the motorhome.

1_IMG_1180 MH Day 11 small

One last shot from Porlakshofn and a few from the road:

Our Last Supper – Oops!  I mean breakfast — with our farm-fresh eggs:

Sights on the way to and  in Reykjavik:

Our last gas up:

Last goodbye to the motorhome, and we’re off to the airport!

Too tired to take photos, but friends met us in Los Angeles and arranged a welcome home smorgasbord at Sally’s house.  What a wonderful trip, but we’re so glad to be back! We’re recovering for a couple of days at Terri’s before we come back to Cambria.  See you on the next trip!

13 thoughts on “Day 11 (End) of Our Icelandic Road Trip

  1. What a great trip, so soon after the cruise you got to see things you did not see before. Thanks for including me on your journey, I very much enjoyed it!


  2. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. So beautiful, rugged, clean, modern. Looked like you had the country to yourself. Glad you adjusted to the “bed failure” and could still enjoy the experience.


  3. We’ve really enjoyed your daily accounts of your trip. It’s not too likely that we will tour Iceland ourselves, so the chance to enjoy it vicariously was very nice. Welcome back to CA! Mac and Phyllis Eastham


  4. Appears you had a great trip. Welcome home.

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