Sorry I’m so behind on my posts! To save time, this post will be mostly photos. We probably took more than a thousand photos of animals, but here are just a few of our favorites:

Egyptian geese

And, of course, there were non-animal highlights, from sunrise to sunset, with a visit to a Masai village:

Tomorrow, we move to the center of the Serengeti, to see the leading edge of the Great Migration! See you in the next post!

10 thoughts on “Highlights from Klein’s Camp

  1. An amazing variety of animals —- love the bright colors on the people. Continue having a fantastic time and sharing with those of us that are at home — we’re very grateful.



  2. Pat & Jay – so glad to see these wonderful images! Nora and I are living vicariously through you two in Africa! We are jealous and wish you both a fabulous time! No doubt about that of course! If you get a chance – we would love to see a few of the pics you’re taken of those adorable baby honeybears, and/or baby pangolins you see! 🙂


  3. We appreciate your taking time to share with us. Love the photos! Keep on enjoying your experiences…jane


  4. Great pictures, lots of animals I have seen before.
    Thank you for sharing. We got the flags on flag row at the Cambria Veterans Memorial put up this morning. They look very nice and will make everyone proud. They always do me.
    Be safe out there,


  5. Dave and I are so enjoying your trip. My favorite, the gorillas, Have a wonderful time. Soak up alot of wonderful memories


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