After a loooong flight back to California, we’re catching our breath at a friend’s home in Camarillo.  Looking back on our African experience, we realize we have memories we’ll carry with us forever.

You’ve read about our non-stop schedule, and you’ve seen many of the animals and birds we encountered.  But there were many social experiences also.

For one thing, we were constantly eating!  We always had a breakfast at the camp prior to our early morning game drive,  And a lunch usually at camp after the morning drive.  And a dinner there after the evening game drive.

But we never had a chance to get hungry.  All of our drivers routinely scheduled bush snacks, afternoon “tea”, sun-downer cocktail hours, etc.  Sometimes, we had more “formal” outdoor meals.  And when we had an evening activity away from camp, we had to have a special permit and armed rangers.

Here are some of the food-related activities:

But in addition to these “normal” food activities, John and London O’Regan were determined to help us celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary – over and over again!  The first surprise was at One Nature Camp in central Serengeti.  When we got home from a game drive, there was a table set up for a romantic dinner on our back veranda.  The camp manager really got into executing the O’Regans’ wishes and had two Masai light candles around our back area and start a full-on fire.  Herry was quite the director, as you can see from the photos he took:

Our last night in central Serengeti, the whole group was transported down the road a bit where we had a fireside chat and dinner.  

One portion of the celebration included John “marrying” us in the traditional Masai way of wrapping a red Shuka around the two of us.  However, this ceremony is not official until the groom pays 10 or 12 (or ???) cows for his bride.  So I guess that ceremony didn’t take for us!

Then, in Kenya, we returned “home” one night to find the table on our veranda decorated for another romantic dinner for two:

We have travelled with John and Diana for years, and now we have the pleasure of also travelling with their son, London.  What a wonderful family, and very special travel agents.  If you ever need help with your travel, don’t hesitate to contact San Simeon Travel, located in the heart of Cambria, California.  Drop me a note and I’ll sing their praises for you!

Final Thoughts on a Fantastic Trip

8 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on a Fantastic Trip

  1. So glad you’re both home, safe & sound. Really wish we could have joined you on your ‘get-away but are glad you had the chance to live life!! ❤️❤️

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing your African experiences! I am sure that many others besides myself had a marvelous vicarious trip! Cheers! Mac Eastham


  3. Glad you are all back safe and sound!! I am so grateful for all the pics (and text) you sent!!
    How wonderful that you got to have such a special time for your 55th!!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing more about your trip!!


  4. What a fantastic trip you had. The Safari Camps really go all out to make every moment special. I love the dinners out in the bush. Glad you were able to relax with friends on your way back to Cambria. That LOOONG flight home wears you out. Wonderful pictures & memories. Happy 55th 🍷


  5. Welcome Home — Congratulations on 55 Years. My main thank you is for taking the time to keep everyone informed of what you were doing – what you were seeing — make me feel as though I was on your shoulder and just enjoying the variety of animals. Thanks for a fantastic virtual vacation to Africa.

    Wilma Walter


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