September 11th is our 55th wedding anniversary, and we started planning this trip three years ago.  Best laid plans of mice and men… We went through the planning stages four times for separate cruises, each of them cancelled by Covid.  We finally gave up on the cruise idea, and settled on a road trip!

We started by flying into Nashville, TN, to spend a little time at Adina and Glen’s house, and this is where we’ll return for more family time after the road trip.

We borrowed Adina’s car to see some of our East Coast friends.  We didn’t have time to stop in Asheville this time, but spent a couple of nights in Tryon, NC.  Had fun visiting Amy’s horse and mini-donkeys, plus Amy staged a performance of her trio – including a special arrangement of “our” song, Wind Beneath My Wings.

After that, we drove to Appomattox, VA, for a little sight-seeing.  

The next day, we stopped to tour Monticello on our way to friends in Arlington, VA.

We were really warm and we were very happy to reach John and Pam’s home in Arlington, VA. It was too warm to do much sight-seeing, so we hung out and caught up with our friends and filled them in on happenings in Cambria.  We also had a beautiful drive (in the air conditioned car!) through Arlington Cemetery.

Leaving John and Pam’s house, we visited Williamsburg on our way to the Sanderling Hotel in Duck, NC, for 4 nights of romantic R & R.

The next blog will start with our arrival in Duck, NC. Hoping for some cooler weather…

12 thoughts on “Fifty-Five and Beyond!

  1. Such a treat to read your latest blog on adventuring around the US.

    Please update your address book.
    We also have some news.
    Ralph and I are happily waiting out the pandemic in Florida, where we are in a retirement home, in our own apartment.
    I have 10 hours of care for Ralph whose mobility is completely gone. He is bed ridden, incontinent and has serious dementia, but enjoyed celebrating his 91st birthday in July.
    Just got the Milepost via email today and wish we could be enjoying the tour of the Ole Southwest with fellow Model Aers.
    No longer to be. Our A is still in Honolulu, in the garage waiting to be adopted.
    So happy to read your traveling notes with exceptional pictures, as always.
    Much aloha, Janet and Ralph

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  2. So,……when will you be here in NE before the ‘leaf peepers’ and ‘snow skiers’ descend upon us? Would LOVE to have you enjoy the this part of NE again! ❤️❤️

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  3. The trip sounds terrific, Pat! Lotsa of quality be with family and friends time, and then the great sight-seeing. I’ve family around the Williamsburg area .. some day hope to visit!

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  4. Happy 55th anniversary Jay & Pat. 50 for us this past February. I think I will change the lyrics to where have all the flowers gone to where have all the years gone. LOL Nice to see you guys are enjoying your travels. Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing. Not sure when we will travel to California again, hopefully next year?

    Take care & be safe

    Vic & Kristy Leger

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  5. Jay

    Damn. Sorry we missed you. I could have met you in DC but next time. It seems you had a great time and as usual, did more than 10 people could do in the same time. Thanks for the great photos.

    Take care and be safe.


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  6. Loved your pictures. A favorite place of ours was Nags Head, near Duck. We enjoyed that area many times. Sorry for the humidity… we can “Wear the Air” around here. Enjoy the rest of your amazing anniversary adventure. Cammie

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  7. Jay & Pat———————


    Appreciate that you’re sharing the beautiful photos of your latest trip. Adina and Glen’s home is beautiful — good for them.

    THX Wilma 🌅 >

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  8. My wife and I spent our week long honeymoon in Williamsburg in 1976. Returned for at least one anniversary. Put up in a colonial house then Called the Lightfoot Laundry.
    Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
    Thanks for the memory!

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  9. Congratulations and best wishes on your anniversary. Keep on enjoying what looks like a great time . Lots of beauty, wonderful friends and also stepping back in time in history.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Love and miss traveling with you.
    Susie Bennett

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