Today we’ve sailed just a short distance, and as you can see, our blue dot is at Akureyri, back on the mainland of Iceland.

IMG_0725 small

Often called the capital of northern Iceland, Akureyri has been a major trading post since the 9thcentury and has become the administrative, commercial and cultural center of the north.

IMG_0724 small

The outing we signed up for was a trip to a warm mineral bath, but on the way we stopped to visit a waterfall called Godafoss, which means waterfall of the gods.

IMG_0738 small

Next, we went to Myvatn Nature Baths.  These pools are warmed by natural hot springs. They say they’re good for your health… Don’t know about that, but they sure feel good!

When we got back to the ship, Jay and Terri walked a mile or so into old town Akureyri.  They discovered two important trolls.  I’m sorry I don’t remember their names, but they are the parents of 13 little trolls who come 13 days before Christmas.  (They also have names I can’t remember, reminiscent of the 7 dwarves in Sleeping Beauty.)  The one on the right with Jay is the mother, and the Icelandic tale says she makes broth of the bad little boys and girls!  The second photo shows a typical stoplight in Akureyri — After the Icelandic financial crisis in 2008, some women in town started making the red lights into hearts to symbolize how the people were helping each other.

Then we had a surprise at about midnight:  a large iceberg from Greenland was in our path, and the  captain circumnavigated it so those who were still awake could take photos.

Tomorrow, we visit the Westfjords Peninsula in the NorthWest corner of Iceland.  See you there!

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