I must have been in a rush this morning, because I missed a couple of things from Day 6.

First, here’s the Norwegian church in town and the local cemetery:

AND…  A little before dinner we were visited by a pod of orcas (killer whales)!  Jay’s photos are in a format that I can’t use until we get home, so here are some super shots by Richard, one of the other guests:

That should cover Day 6.  See you on Day 7!

3 thoughts on “Addendum to Day 6 of the Icelandic Cruise

      1. Oops! I misread which post you were commenting on… Yes, the church on day 6 of the CRUISE was definitely a Norwegian stave church. I thought you were referring to the newest post from day 6 of the ROAD TRIP. The latter (in Akureyi) is the oldest wooden church in Iceland and I believe it may also be a stave church.


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