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In my last post, you met Maxie, the Military Model A, who is on her way from Cambria, CA, to Washington DC to participate in the 100thanniversary recreation of the first US transcontinental military convoy along the Lincoln Highway.

Jay and travel companion George are trailering Maxie, and they are travelling faster than I can post.  However, they’re doing an excellent job of sending photos to share with you, so let’s see if I can catch up with them:

Early Sunday morning, they left Cambria, California, and drove to Richfield, Utah.

Pic 2-1 Cambria, California to Richfield, Utah 84701 - Google Maps

This was a pretty long drive, so they didn’t do much sightseeing.  Mileage today was 772.  Here’s Maxie at the Richfield Cemetery.

Monday, they drove from Richfield, Utah, to Carbondale, Colorado.

Pic 2-5 Richfield, Utah 84701 to Carbondale, Colorado 81623 - Google Maps

This was a shorter drive (“only” 403 miles), and here are some photos of Maxie on the trailer with some of the countryside they drove through.

They were really happy to see the Green River:

2-8 IMG_0022

The next stop was Fruita, Colorado, and a Vietnam War  Memorial.  (Jay was a Vietnam era vet…)

2-9 IMG_0035

The basic design of the memorial is a static display of a UH-1H Huey helicopter. The Huey is the symbol of the Vietnam era. The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps all flew missions in the Huey aircraft. All United States military branches have their emblem placed on the Wall of the Memorial.

Next, Jay and George had an interesting break in Rifle, Colorado.  Yes, all sorts of fire arms are definitely allowed here!

2-10 IMG_0055

Finally, they reached Carbondale, Colorado.  Why Carbondale?  Because of good friend and glassblower David Powers, and his wife “CJ”.

David is the current Artist in Residence at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School where he’s taught for 35 years.  George watched David and Jay practice their glass blowing skills all the while explaining to him the intricacies of the process. And jay was able to create a drinking glass for George to present to his sister-in-law Dee at the next overnight.

That brings us to Tuesday, when they drove from Carbondale, CO, to Colorado Springs, CO (231 miles).  This is where George’s brother Bob and sister-in-law Dee live.  The guys spent Tuesday night, all of Wednesday and Wednesday night in Colorado Springs.

2-15 Carbondale, Colorado 81623 to Colorado Springs, Colorado - Google Maps

Shots leaving Carbondale, and George introducing Dee and Maxie:

I believe Bob is a retired Air Force officer, and he was able to give Maxie and the guys a tour of the Air Force Academy.  From what George says, Jay was like a little kid in a candy shop!

That last photo shows MY influence on Jay, since I play the flute and piccolo!  Below are views of the Catholic and Protestant Chapels:

Beautiful, huh?

Well, I’m now officially only one day behind the guys, so I’ll leave you at this point.  Hope you’re enjoying the journey!

6 thoughts on “THE NEW ADVENTURE, POST #2

  1. Love the photos. Keep them coming. I understand that the Lincoln Highway Tour will be bringing them through Placerville, CA with a dinner at the VFW in Placerville. I don’t remember the date but hope to go up and see them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Pat! It looks like that might be Sunday, Sept. 15th, because the Lincoln Hwy. itinerary says they’ll stay in Folsom that night. That would be wonderful if you can see them. I know Jay would love it!


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