Hi!  Did you think I fell off the edge of the earth?  Well, while Jay’s been driving back and forth across the country, I’ve been stuck at home dealing with e-device issues!  Isn’t technology fun?

Let’s see, when I last posted, I believe Jay and George were on their way to Durham, NC, with an “end” goal of Washington DC.

Due to technological issues, I’m not sure, but I think Jay and Military Maxie separated from George and the trailer here.

Durham, North Carolina to Alexandria, Virginia - Google Maps

Jay continued on to Alexandria, VA, where he was able to spend an evening with good friends John Ruml and Pam Weeks. They took him out to dinner in old town Alexandria. Below is a circular sculpture on the waterfront that lights up at night:

First shot from the side, then a shot of the inside panorama and another panorama after dark.

Jay actually stayed the night in the first hotel of the Lincoln Highway tour commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first military convoy to cross the US.

Actual tour details to follow (if my technology hangs in there!)




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