The tour Jay just finished was the Lincoln Highway recreation of the 1919 first military convoy across the US.  Our car, Maxie, is a 1931 town sedan and she was dressed up in her military garb to fit the theme of that tour.  She was the only Model A on that tour.

Now they’re home.  Jay and Maxie (and I) have been looking forward to the Model A Touring Club’s Great Lakes Tour.  Club member Marcus Cunnick (along with wife Mary) has been preparing to lead this tour for over a year and it’s about to become a reality.  This is what we’re looking forward to seeing:


And, I’m sure we’ll see some of this, too:


But, I’m getting ahead of myself, because the tour doesn’t start until next Tuesday.  Most of us will meet in Milwaukee on Monday, September 23rd.  But, many of us will trailer our cars to our meeting.

Here’s what Jay Burbank’s and Terri Padgett’s departure from Cambria, California looked like this morning…

Jay’s is the military town sedan nd the red tudor “Radio Flyer” belongs to Terri Padgett.  The fabulous two-car trailer is borrowed from a very good friend.

If you see these two on the road, be sure to honk!  And, come check out the blog when we actually begin the tour.

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