Wow!  The last travel blog I posted was in October 2019!  Seems like a looong time ago!

In 2021, Jay and I will celebrate our 55th anniversary, and we were planning a really special journey, but then along came Covid!  So first, let me tell you what we are NOT doing!

We made our first down payment on our Fall 2021 cruise (aka Version #1 of the anniversary cruise) in February 2019, and every couple of months, we made payments toward a fantastic voyage from Seattle, to Alaska, through the Aleutian Islands, to the Diomede Islands (on the border of US and Russia), over the northern coast of Russia, to Tromsey, Norway.  From Norway, we were going to wind our way down to London, after which we hoped to be able to connect with our Granddaughter Ylenia, who lives in Florence, Italy.  

This voyage was planned on a brand new expedition style ship which was being built in Germany.  Unfortunately, the shipyard was closed during part of the pandemic, and the ship could not be completed in time to be tested and positioned for the start of the trip. CANCELLED!

Version #2 of the anniversary cruise would have started in Iceland, visited the Faroe Islands, visited Norway, then checked out England, Wales and Scotland, including the Orkney Islands then zipped over to western Europe. We would have visited Amsterdam, Brussels and France, including Guernsey Island and Saint Malo. After a final visit to England, Wales and Ireland’s Dengle Peninsula, we would have crossed the Atlantic and sailed to the Northeast US, probably ending in New York City.  Covid restrictions caused another CANCELLATION!

Version #3 of the anniversary cruise would have been shorter, but we planned to visit Ylenia for a few days in Florence then we would have sailed up and down the Croatian Coast.  Just got word that Covid has caused yet another CANCELLATION!  

Bottom line:  we don’t know what we’re doing for our anniversary! 

BUT if all goes well (fingers crossed) we have an East African tour in mid-May to early June.  The plan includes a gorilla trek in Rwanda, the great migration in Tanzania, and more game drives in Kenya.

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Hope to see you along the way, and we promise some exciting photos!

13 thoughts on “2021 TRAVEL PLANS

  1. I hope this trip works out and it is not cancelled. Jay has told me a little about the Africa experience and I envy you.
    Be safe out there.


  2. I’ll look forward to your travels ! I think Heide Santos will be on the same tour as you – she is on the one that John is hosting and she’s very excited about it. Love to the both of you! Elaine

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    1. Hi, Elaine! I don’t see Heidi on my list of participants, so she may be on John’s South African tour immediately prior to our Gorilla Trek. Too bad… It would have been fun traveling with her again!


  3. Since “travel” for me has become finding someone to take me to the grocery store, etc., I can only live vicariously through my friends. I hope you get to do something fun and I can read about it! Thanks for sharing…Happy Trails (or whatever…) …jane


  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! I sure hope your newly planned African adventure comes to fruition! Best of luck. Sally and I loved our Safari trip!


  5. WOW! Never a dull moment! Will cross our fingers that the rest of the world will calm down, in more ways than one, so you two can make your 55 years legal with a ‘honeymoon’!! ❤️❤️

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  6. You go, guys. Not the least of your fun, planning the trips, even if down the road they were cancelled. The Africa trip will definitely be a worthwhile alternative. Been there, done that and would do it again. I know you will treasure the gorilla experience more than being on a boat. Good luck, look forward to whatever plans happen in your always fun blog.

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