On Tuesday, May 25th, we took another bush flight to the Seronera Air Strip and went to the One Nature tented camp in the heart of the Serengeti.  These were not tents as we usually think of them…  Each “tent” had sort of a living area, the bedroom area, the copper bathtub area, both indoor and outdoor showers, and a marvelous veranda looking out over the Serengeti.  Hot and cold running water – and a chandelier!  Here’s a map to show you our new home for four days:

The safari vehicles hold four people in comfy captain’s seats and unless the rain comes, they’re open, with beautiful viewing and photography opportunities.  They’re so modern that each seat has USB ports so you can charge your phone/camera!  This is our driver for the four days:

Since we arrived in the afternoon, we had only one game drive the first day, but it was magical.  First came the hippos:

Nearby, we saw a crocodile sunbathing and some storks.

Then came lionesses napping in a tree.  I understand that the Serengeti is the only place in the world where the lions have learned to climb trees, so these photos document an unusual behavior:

We think they must have learned the behavior by watching the leopards climb.  It seems like a good idea because it gets the lions up mostly out of the range of the nuisance flies, and it’s cooler up there where they get a little breeze.

You may have noticed that the terrain is different here than at Klein’s Camp.  I’ll show some landscape photos in the next post.

3 thoughts on “Into the Heart of the Serengeti

  1. Nice landscape pictures.
    Interesting story on the lions.. Glad you are enjoying yourselves, sounds like “tough” camping conditions. All is good in Cambria and the honor rock is I place and finished with plaques. The whole landscape area is free of weeds and the Memorial looks great. I am looking forward to tomorrow.
    Stay safe

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  2. Awesome pics of both the landscape and animals. This is yet another trip that you will never forget. Have a wonderful time!!!!


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