Another bush flight brought us to our final segment of the safari vacation: Kenya.  The maps show an overview of Kenya as well as the location of our final camp, Bateleur Camp, in relation to the prior two camps in Tanzania.

The last map also shows how the Serengeti National Park extends into Kenya as the Masai Mara Game Reserve.  Same ecosystem, different country.

Our camp (as before) is rather luxurious:

The Mara River affects the landscape in this part of the country – heavily wooded areas line the river, while the Savanah looks very similar to what we saw in Tanzania.  And from the top of the escarpment above our camp you can look out over the Great Rift Valley.

The migration hasn’t reached here yet, but we visited one of the main crossing points on the Mara – with crocodiles in wait:

Highlights of other animals:

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