We arrived at Jack and Carol’s new home in Athens, GA, on September 6th.  And Amy (the guitarist) came to visit from Tryon, NC, so we had a guitar fest on Monday!  Lots of fun and lots of music, but I totally forgot to take photos of the musicians…

Jack and Carol recently moved from Avondale, a pleasant subdivision of Atlanta, to Athens, GA. Athens reminds me somewhat of San Luis Obispo. The population is a couple times larger than SLO, but it’s a university town, and the flavor is very similar. After our day of guitars, our next activity was to visit the campus of the University of Georgia. The undergraduate enrollment is approximately 30,000.

While we were walking, we checked out some of the sights downtown.

Athens has a lot of good restaurants, and we checked out as many as we could. but one night was special, as it was Jack and Carol’s 48th wedding anniversary. Brought back good memories of when we were all much younger! Jay and I were at their wedding and Jay was even IN the wedding. (Jay and Jack have been buddies since their early Air Force days.)

Even after 48 years, they still celebrate, and that dessert was unbelievable!

When Jack and Carol bought their new home, it was missing a place for Jack’s workshop. (Remember he’s a luthier…) That problem was resolved while we were there. They had ordered a custom building which was erected in slightly over a day.

Jack still has to do the insolation, wallboarding and then bring in his benches and tools. Seems like he’ll have plenty of room for everything he needs.

The next post will talk about our visit to Lookout Mountain, TN, and the sights we saw on our way to meet Adina and Glen to begin our weekend of anniversary celebration. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Two Anniversaries!

  1. Very cool! I am always amazed at how GREEN everything is back there where it rains! And all the architecture is so old…love the historic buildings. Stay clear of all the storms we hear about plaguing the Gulf and East Coast! But do send rain our way! jane


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