Our last personal blog was in Fall 2021! But we’re traveling again — first to IRELAND in May and early June 2023. Then within a few days of returning home, Jay and his buddy Charlie are taking off in an epic Model A tour to the Canadian Arctic Ocean in June and July. (No — I’m not going on that one — there are no hotels, and there may be plenty of bears!)

Since the two trips are so close together, I’m going to save most of the introduction to the Model A adventure for later. Please check back if you’re interested, as it will feature a US veteran paying homage to Canadian veterans (with his mobil veterans memorial vehicle), at the same time as raising funds for an American Legion scholarship fund which is special to us.

So, Ireland starts tomorrow:

We will fly from Los Angeles to London, then on to Dublin. Our granddaughter Ylenia is flying into Dublin from her home in Florence, Italy, at the same time. We three will have Thursday through Sunday to play tourists in the Dublin area before Ylenia goes home and we start our 14 day bus tour around the island.

The map above shows our tour route, which will be driven counter-clockwise, starting and ending in Dublin.

Please follow along… Éirinn go Brách!

10 thoughts on “Ireland!!! (And Canada?)

  1. i look forward to following your tour of Ireland and enjoying your photos. Please keep me on your list.
    Janet Miller


      1. Yes, I’m well, spending summer in Toronto Canada with daughter and b-daughters. Hoping to do some traveling. You have planned for this trip so well and i’m sure it will be another great one.
        Bon Voyage and whatever they say in Irish for good trip.


  2. Yes, of course we want to see/know what those two crazy “teenagers” see and encounter!!

    On another note, your trip to a Ireland looks very similar to a Company we enjoyed in the UK/Scotland and had hoped to duplicate in the future in Ireland. Back then in 9/15, it was with a company called Back Roads. Since then, it has changed its name to Blueroads (a company we continue to get weekly news/ads). Is this the Irish trip you’re on? Enjoy! ❤️Pie & Bill

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    1. Actually, we haven’t started the official tour yet, which has been organized by Tauck Tours. We’re simply on our own for a few days with granddaughter Ylenia before she goes back to Florence, Italy, and we meet the tour.


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