It’s official:  we’re on our way to Iceland!

We’re flying on WOW Air.  (Ever heard of them?  We hadn’t.)  We’re flying direct from Los Angeles to Reykjavik, Iceland.

We’ll spend our first night at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik and meet some of our cruise mates at a welcome luncheon the next day.  After some sightseeing, we’ll board our ship (Le Laperouse).

Here is the map of the ship’s itinerary:

Cruise small

After the cruise, we’ll be in a motor home and plan to drive the ring road all around the island.  We’ll probably start in Reykjavik and head south in a count4er-clockwise direction.  If there’s time, we’ll also try the “Golden Circle” which is the gold loop to and from Reykjavik on this map.

12 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. Happy trails! Iceland is fabulous! The botanical garden at Akureyri is beautiful and a short walk from the docks (I see you’ll be stopping there).


  2. Forgive my ignorance, why is it called the Land of Fire and Ice? The fire part surprised me! Have a great trip!


    1. Volcanos!!! Lots of geothermal activity — geysers, hot pools, etc. All the electricity is geothermal which makes it very cheap energy. Ice is self explanatory, although it’s summer here now, so we won’t be exploring ice caves on this trip.


  3. Hi Pat & Jay

    Wishing you a wonderful vacation. Looking forward to your updates,pics and comments.

    Vic & Kristy


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