Our cruise itinerary began (on land) in Reykavik with lunch in the restaurant of Harpa, the Music Hall.

_10I0754 copy small

Next we had a brief bus tour of old town.  We visited the Lutheran Church, which Jay, Terri and I had visited yesterday when NONE of us had a camera!  (We happened to arrive during an organ concert, which was fantastic.)  Today there was no concert, but we had the cameras, so here’s a couple of pix.

We also visited the National Museum  of Iceland, then we boarded our ship, Le Laperouse.  She is a brand new French ship and all of the passengers on this cruise are with the Tauck Tour.

Day1IMG_0506Day1 small

We set sail at about 9pm.  As you can see from the pix, it was still very light.

Our destination is Grundafjordur for tomorrow’s program.  See you there!

7 thoughts on “Day One of the Cruise

  1. Isn’t the food fantastic at the Harpa? We ate there right before our concert in the main hall last month. Bon Voyage to you and Jay!


  2. Wow! The pics are great and everything looks amazing, including the ship! How many passengers does she carry and what does the name mean in French? It looks like y’all are having a fabulous time already. I’m green! Love to all Cat!


  3. So exciting to share your commentary and your great pics!! The organ concert must have been extraordinary! Love the name of the french cruise ship


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