Yesterday we were in Reykjavik and today we’re in Grundarfjordur.  (See the blue dot?)

IMG_0726 small

We slept a little late this morning, and almost missed breakfast!  Here’s my first shot from our cabin’s deck:

Day2IMG_0502Day 2_1stShotFromCabin small

About noon, we docked at Grundafjordur, nestled on the banks of a fjord and ringed with mountains.

Day2IMG_0505 small

The three of us had signed up for a 4 ½ hour tour of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.  (No, I haven’t learned about to pronounce the Icelandic names of these places yet. They’re very difficult for English speakers.)

Unfortunately, Jay had a little bit of upset stomach and decided not to go, so Terri and I forged ahead.  It was a scenic drive along very rugged coastline, passing through fishing villages.

Our first stop was Djupalonssandur, with strange rock formations.

We learned about how villages used “lifting rocks” to determine who was capable of working on a fishing boat.  They even named these 4 rocks:  the smallest was “Weakling” and wouldn’t qualify you for a job.  If you could lift any of the other three, you qualified for a job, and the heavier you were able to lift, the higher your pay!

IMG_0552 small

When we reached the black sand beach, we found pieces of a 1948 wreck of a fishing trawler.  Since that time, the winter storms have broken it apart and moved the pieces inland.

Next, we visited Arnarstapi, where migratory birds stop to rest, and Budir with its lava landscapes and black sand beach.

A final stop brought us to the Black Church.

IMG_0651 small

When we returned to the ship, Jay was feeling better and it was time to dress for the Captain’s Dinner, the one “dressy” dinner on this tour.

IMG_0627 copy small

Tomorrow:  Stay tuned for…  PUFFINS!

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