We’re still in Reykjavik, but we left our ship at 8:30 am, saying good-bye to the wonderful crew and staff.  Here’s a final shot of the harbor as we headed out.

1_IMG_1221 small

For our final day of the cruise, we chose a shore excursion that took us through the geothermal landscape of Krysuvik-Solfataras.

We also visited the famous Blue Lagoon for a warm dip, followed by a farewell lunch at the Lagoon’s Lava Restaurant.

4_IMG_1249 small

Before going to our hotel, we visited the Viking Museum, which included a replica of an ancient 70-crew Viking vessel.

At this point, Terri went to the airport for her flight home, and we went to the Grand Hotel for one night in downtown Reyjkavik.

4 thoughts on “Day 8 (Last Day) of our Icelandic Cruise

  1. Thank you so much for doing this blog to show us your travels in this fascinating area.
    We continue to keep you in our thoughts as you keep us informed.


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