I no longer have those cute little maps the cruise line provided, so our blue dot is done!  Instead, I found this post card of Iceland, showing in dashes the “Ring Road” we plan to drive.  I’ve marked our beginning and ending points for Day 1 in red.

1_IMG_1180 MH Day 1 small

We’re on our own now…  We were picked up at our hotel and taken to pick up our motorhome, which is smaller than we expected.

1_IMG_1271 small

We reserved our vehicle about a year ago, and since then, the company has retired the type of vehicle we requested because they were having mechanical issues.  (We certainly don’t want to have a breakdown in the far reaches of the country!) However, the type of vehicle they used for a replacement is smaller, and their larger vehicles were all booked.

We were able to fit all our “stuff” in and we headed back through Reykjavik:  first stop… Food.  And, surprise of surprises there is now a Costco here!  We laid in a few supplies, but we were fascinated by some of the different offerings here:

One more market stop for small supplies then we reached the Ring Road and headed South East.  A few views:

There were a couple of unusual road hazards:

We took our time and arrived late at a campsite in Vik.  All the warm water for the showers was gone, so we stayed dirty.  Big change from the ship?  Tomorrow we’ll continue East to the town of Hofn, but in the meantime, here are a couple of morning shots from Vik:

6 thoughts on “Day 1 of Our Icelandic Road Trip

  1. Looks like so much fun! I love beet burgers and really my new favorite cooked octopus! I’m putting these on the list for SLO! Travel safe and hoping you find warm showers soon!❤️


    1. I LOVE maps! On this road trip, I always have three with me: one for the local town, one that shows the entirety of Iceland on one (large) page, and a real road atlas!


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