We woke up today in pain…  The bed in this motorhome is NOT going to work.  We have two choices, drive back and return it (probably without a refund) or go forward with nights spent in hotels.

We chose the latter – it’s more expensive, but we have a refrigerator, a stove and a coffee pot, so we can save on our meals – and we can stop where ever we want to enjoy our meals.  More about that later…

So, after obtaining a hotel room for tonight in Hofn, we drove today from Vic to Hofn.

1_IMG_1180 MH Day 2 small

Our first stop was at a scenic location where tourists have created hundreds of cairns.  It’s so popular, that the locals have trucked in supplies of stones for the tourists to use!

More shots from the road:

Wow!  Iceland is the land of fire and ice, and just a couple of days ago we were surrounded by the evidence of fire.  Now we’re heading into the areas of ice, even at the height of summer.

Of course, we already knew that there were a lot of beautiful waterfalls in this country.  At first, I diligently found out the name for every waterfall I shot. No longer…  Too many to keep track of!

Now we’re so inundated with waterfalls, that we don’t even shoot them all.  Seems like the land just continually LEAKS!!!

Here are a few shots from Hofn.

So, here’s today’s lunch stop (by an unnamed waterfall, of course):

And tonight’s dinner stop:

Tomorrow we’re heading to a town we can’t pronounce…Egilsstadir, where we’ll spend two nights.  (Time for laundry.)

3 thoughts on “Day 2 of Our Icelandic Road Trip

  1. Good choice to get hotel rooms. The scenery is amazing. It’s truly different than anything I’ve seen. Sleep well tonight.


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