Today we’re going to cover some serious territory, and we’ll probably get into the hotel late.  Good thing it’s still light at 10 pm!  Here’s the day’s map:

1_IMG_1180 MH Day 3 small

Our first find of the day was a giant chair attached to a boulder alongside the road:

And, here’s today’s lunch stop:

We had our first TWO tunnels today – these cut right through mountains.  One is 10 km long:

And, we had our first sighting of swans:

We found egg sculptures at the beach.  This outdoor display consists of 34 stone eggs, each one representing a local bird.  They’re all similar in size except the largest that belongs to the red-throated diver, the official bird of Djuipivogur (the town).  We had lunch nearby.

After lunch, Petra’s Stone Collection brought back fond memories of our mothers.  Petra must have been about the same age as our mothers and she amassed the largest private collection of rocks in the world.  Her descendants maintain her collection and have made a little private museum.

Both of our mothers loved collecting rocks, but Petra also loved flowers, as did our mothers.

Miscellaneous sights along the road:

Notice our map has a little extra side trip – the loop off to the left of Egilsstadir?  That’s because once we checked into our hotel room, we decided to drive along the lake to a waterfall and have dinner.  The fog had come in, so we postponed the hike to the waterfall until tomorrow.

Boy, were we beat tonight!

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