Today is a day of rest(?) because we’re not driving to a new town tonight.  The fog worsened overnight, so we cancelled our planned hike to the waterfall.  Instead, we took a day trip to Borgarfjordur.

1_IMG_1180 MH Day 4 small

It was dreary, but here are some of the sights along the way:

And we found Lands End to have lunch.

Sights around the town of Borgarfjordur:

Jay also hiked to some puffins, but I don’t have those shots downloaded yet.  Instead, enjoy the swans we saw on the way home.

Oh!  And I need to tell you about the Worm (“Wyrm”) of Lagarfljot.  (That’s the lake near our hotel.)  The story is reminiscent of the Scottish Nessie… Legend has it that once upon a time, a young girl acquired a gold broach.  She placed it in a box underneath a slug because she thought that would increase her wealth. When she checked on it, the slug was enormous, and she threw the box into the lake.

The “wyrm” grew and became dangerous, and the locals called in the Finns (!) to battle it.  They were unable to kill it, but they fastened its head and its tail to the lake bottom so it couldn’t harm anyone.

Since that time, there have been periodic sightings of the “wyrm”.  If you want to see a video from a sighting, go to and search for “Iceland Lake Monster.

We saw it — in an artist’s garden display of sculptures:

6_IMG_1245 small

We set up for dinner at a bridge…

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