Today we traveled from Egilsstadir to Husavik. However, we deviated from the Ring Road for a very special waterfall.

1_IMG_1180 MH Day 5 small

Here are sights on the way toward Dettifoss.  First a really nice one named Rjukandafoss, where we captured our first rainbow:

Continuing on:

2_IMG_2235 small

Today’s lunch stop:

This is Dettifoss, which seems to be in the Icelandic equivalent of our Grand Canyon.  This is the Waterfall of waterfalls!

Two other magnificent waterfalls were nearby:

Here are more sights after the waterfalls but before Husavik.  The lake  below is called Earthquake Lake, as it was formed as a result of a series of earthquakes in the winter of 1975-76.  In the thaw of spring 1976, the melt water didn’t drain as usual, but left a large lake.

At this stop, Jay birdwatched, while I photo’d mushrooms

When we finally reached Husavik, we were tired and dusty from all the gravel roads, but the waterfalls were well worth it. Here’s our dinner stop, and as we were eating, the fog began to lift.

We’re spending tomorrow in Husavik also, so hopefully we’ll have better photos then.

4 thoughts on “Day 5 of Our Iceland Road Trip

    1. Hi, Janet! There are lots of sheep, horses and cows. Remember, this is a relatively large area with relatively few inhabitants. The sheep are allowed to roam freely during the summer months and are rounded up mainly for the winter. I guess many are up in the mountains this time of year.


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