Today we stayed in Husavik.

1_IMG_1180 MH Day 6 small

However, we had an early morning upset — AT&T cut off our e-mail.  It’s very frustrating to try to fix something like that from overseas — especially when the “chat” function isn’t working because it’s the middle of the night at home.

1a_IMG_1322 small

First stop was the Visitors’ Center, which was supposed to be in the library/museum.  However, it had been removed, so the librarian helped us! There were three areas in the building (besides the actual library)… We started with the Maritime Museum.

Most of the tool pictures were taken by Jay, while most of the boat photos are mine.  There were also some additional surprises in the museum.

Next, Jay went to a car museum while I worked on the blog.  All the cars in the museum had spent at least part of their “lives” in Iceland.  The owner opens the museum only during the summer, and he spends his winters restoring more old cars.

Remember how foggy our dinner stop was last night? We returned for lunch, and look how beautiful it was in the sun!

And here’s our dinner spot:

And I finally got a good shot of the church.

  6_IMG_2328 small

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