We deviated a little from the Ring Road again as we headed from Husavik to Hvammstangi (another town I can’t pronounce).

1_IMG_1180 MH Day 7 small

Here are sights between Husavik and Akureyi.

We stopped in Akureyi, which was one of the stops on our cruise.  It sure looked strange to see a large ship where our pretty little ship had docked.  Visited a few shops, including a nice knit store.  Here we found relatives of Aunty Wooly from the Ball n Skein in Cambria!

More views along the way.

Lunch at the next town.  Notice Jay’s new knit puffin hat?  He got that at the knit shop in Akureyi.

These deviations from the Ring Road add interesting attractions, but they also make for long days!

Today was a day of tunnels!  There’s a sign here that means (roughly) a one lane road with areas to pull over to let oncoming cars pass!    Some of these one-lane tunnels were a little scary!

Once the tunnels were finished, we had pretty dreary weather:

Let me explain the wrapping of the haybales… The hay (or grass?) is rolled, rather than baled into rectangles.  Then it’s wrapped in plastic to keep for use  during the winter.  The standard plastic wrap is white, but there are alternate colors.  We were told pink is for “girls” and blue is for “boys”. Apparently, part of the proceeds from the pink wraps goes to breast cancer, and the proceeds from the blue ones goes to a men’s charity.  In this part of the country, we’ve also seen green, yellow and black and I don’t know what those mean.

Then, a quick do-it-yourself carwash…

5A_IMG_2648 small

We booked a one bedroom condo for tonight – wow! A real refrigerator, a real stove, and lots of space.  It’s rainy and foggy, so not many outside photos of this town. But here are views from the front of the condo, and inside, including dinner.

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