Life is such an adventure!

It was still rainy this morning, and the “gravel” road out to the street was really only dirt because this is a new development.  The van slid backwards in the mud, and we got stuck.  The construction workers across the way were on coffee break and we couldn’t reach the landlady by phone, so we started walking to town.

Fortunately, we met a lady taking her daughter to soccer practice and she spoke very good English.  She called the tow truck for us and waited with us until he came so she could explain our situation to him in Icelandic.  Here’s the documentation of our first two hours this morning:

After the rescue, we realized that we had left our food in that nice, large refrigerator back at the room.  No way were we going back to risk getting stuck a second time…  That would be just too embarrassing!

With all the excitement, I still didn’t get any outside photos of the town, but we finally set off (still in the rain) for Grundarfjordur.

2-IMG_1180 MH Day 8 small

Morning shots…  Notice the roadside portapotties are chained down so you can’t steal them!

And the old photo above shows that Henry Ford was here!  The bridge, called “Cat’s Arch”, was originally a road for horse-drawn carts and since 1930 it’s been used for motorized travel until the modern road was built.

More of the morning…  This church was built in 1880, but it replaced earlier churches on the same spot.  The oldest was built in 1002!

We’ve really been lucky with the weather, but here’s proof that it DOES rain in Iceland during the summer:

3A_IMG_2728 small

Today’s lunch stop:

Afternoon shots:

Finally, the sun began to return:

We reached Grundarfjordur around 4 pm:

This is another port our cruise visited, but Jay was sick and missed the shore excursion, so we’ll plan to recreate it for him.  There’s not time tonight, so after checking in at the guest house, we just drove along the north side of the peninsula.

We had dinner at the church below, before returning to the Old Post Office Guest House!  The wide waterfall at the right below is very near our town, and it’s called Kinkjufellasfoss.

We’ll check out the rest of the peninsula tomorrow.

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