We’re remaining in Grundarfjordur again tonight, so today was a trip around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

1_IMG_1180 MH Day 9 small

Here are morning sights.  We started so early that even the sea gulls were still sleeping!

I think this is our first breakfast on the road:

Continuing westward on the peninsula, we had more interesting views…The ship’s shore excursion missed this Maritime Museum, which I really loved:

The reconstructed turf house was last lived in 1942, and we were even able to go inside to see how the kitchen and bedroom would have looked like.

There was a replica fish house where the catch of the day would have been hung to dry. And there was an 8-oared boat built in 1826.

Outside, Jay found a set of lifting stones.  You may recall that this was how it was determined if you were fit to work on a fishing boat.  If you qualified, you were paid more for the heavier rocks you could handle.

The following is a place (Djupalonssandiur) Terri and I visited from the cruise ship.  I knew Jay would love it and he was sick for that shore excursion.

We searched for the perfect “beach pearls”.  You can tell I’m more discriminating than Jay.

The rusted bits are pieces of a trawler shipwrecked in 1947.  The winter storms have broken it apart and washed pieces way inland.

More lifting stones and a very cold ocean:


After lunch sights:

We stopped to see the Black Church, which Terri and I had seen on the cruise’s shore excursion.  It was closed, so we just walked around outside and through the cemetery.

From the Black Church we could see Bjarnarfoss in the distance so we had to go closer to explore it:

We have not been following Icelandic tradition of taking hot baths so we went to this carbonated geothermal pool:

More sights returning to town…

We had dinner at Grundarfoss, just a little east of town.  By now, the Icelandic winds were roaring and we didn’t make the hike up to the waterfall…

The next two blogs may be delayed as Day 10 takes us back past Reykjavík, where we need to repack for the flight home on Day 11.

2 thoughts on “Day 9 of Our Icelandic Road Trip

  1. We’ve enjoyed the beautiful photography, Pat, and hearing about your adventures. Have a safe trip home to lovely Cambria.
    Much love,
    Lee and Don


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