Rainy, windy day today as we completed our circumnavigation of Iceland.  Our guest house tonight is in Porlakshofn.  This is an interesting word, as the first letter is not in our alphabet.  In Icelandic it looks like a strange “p” but it’s pronounced “th” like in “the”.

Day 10 Corrected small

We had lunch pretty late.

After lunch views:

As we approached Reykjavik, we entered our final tunnel.  This one was only 5 kilometers long, and it had two lanes:

This is our guest house in Porlakscofn.  Since we had eaten lunch so late, we didn’t feel like dinner, so we walked to a nearby restaurant for dessert.  On the way, we captured this rainbow, which was the perfect end to our trip.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s breakfast, Jay asked the restaurant if we could buy 4 eggs for breakfast.  They had local, farm-fresh eggs and since they were small, they GAVE us 6 eggs!

8 thoughts on “Day 10 of Our Icelandic Road Trip

  1. It looks like it’s been a wonderful adventure. Y’all have done so much and I’ve loved the pics every day. What a treat. I’m thinking you might be ready to get home to your own bed, your kitchen and your own piece of paradise. Look forward to seeing y’all soon!

    Love and Light, Cat



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