As you have seen, Military Maxie (and Jay and George) have been travelling from Cambria, California, toward Washington DC for the start of the Lincoln Highway recreation of the first transcontinental military convoy across the states.  So far, the route has been pretty predictable – but check out Saturday’s detour to the South:

Beavercreek, Ohio to Hendersonville, Tennessee - Google Maps

Hendersonville (a suburb of Nashville, TN) is where our daughter Adina Daniel, and her husband Glen, live.  Plus, Granddaughter Ylenia is arriving from Italy to spend an academic year in Tennessee. Good reason for a detour South!

But first, the guys needed to check out the National U.S. Airforce Museum in Riverside, Ohio.

The aircraft in the upper left photo is a B52, which is the type of bomber Jay worked on during the Vietnam era.  Below that is a B47H. (Cambrian friend and Legion Post member John Ehlers flew in one of these in Korea.)  And the two photos on the right show Jay in a F4 cockpit, which I guarantee he did NOT do in the service!

On the road again, the guys grabbed some shots of the Ohio River:

And when they arrive in Hendersonville, TN, what do they do? Well, I’m sure there were some undocumented hugs and kisses, but of course, when in the South, one must EAT!  However, Jay shows his California bias by using a knife and spoon on a fried banana!

4-9 IMG_1032

Adina and Glen live right on a huge lake, I mean river, I mean (?)  Actually, Old Hickory Lake is a reservoir in north central Tennessee. It is formed by the Old Hickory Lock and Dam, located on the Cumberland River, approximately 25 miles upstream from Nashville.

As you can see from the photos, it can be very calm and peaceful, but it comes alive during the day if the weather is good.  Actually, even if the weather is not good, there is still activity with barges bringing coal down (or is it UP?) the river.

Here is the Lyle A Fulton Memorial Bridge which crosses the Cumberland River as the guys (minus Minnie) go to pick up “Granny” Marie for Sunday night dinner. Jay must have picked up the hat in the photo at a museum, as it shows the US Army Air Corps emblem which was current during Maxie’s day.

Waiting for dinner, there’s time for a phone call.  Granma Pat (me!) is on the other end of the phone in this photo, talking to a very tired granddaughter Ylenia, who just arrived from Florence, Italy.  Granpa Jay looks pretty tired also…

4-16 IMG_0312

Again, there is a food theme here in the South.  Here’s a typical Southern family dinner at Adina’s house:

4-17 IMG_0701

After a Sunday travel break (time to do laundry…) the guys say good-bye to Nashville early Monday morning:

4-18 IMG_0326

I think George was singing when he sent that photo!

🎼Here we go, on the road again
Like a band of Gypsies we go down the highway
We’re the best of friends
Insisting that the world keep turnin’ our way🎶😁

Well, Military Maxie will continue to meander South, but more about that on the next post!


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