Maybe Maxie the military Model A needs to go back to boot camp?  She’s certainly not following a direct route from California to Washington DC for the start of the Lincoln Highway recreation of the first military convoy across the U.S.

OK, we understand a Southern deviation to see family, but NOW what?

Hendersonville, Tennessee to Avondale Estates, Georgia - Google Maps

As you can probably tell, Avondale Estates is just outside Atlanta, Georgia.  (280 miles for the day.) So, what’s there?  Jack (and his wife Carol) are there.  Jack Holcomb is probably the first person Jay met when he was assigned to March Air Force Base in Riverside, CA.  The two have remained friends for 50+ years – but who’s counting?

Not the best of weather for this morning’s travels:

That’s rain, by the way — even though it looks like snow.  Apparently,  the guys drove in and out of Georgia, but finally returned and stayed in Georgia.

George was impressed by the number of carpet manufacturers here, and Jay was impresed with Costco. (Is anyone surprised?)  He found the cheapest gas so far on the trip, and it is also the highest octane — 93 instead of California’s 91.

Half way to Atlanta:  NickaJack Lake/Tennessee River.  Looks like it’s still raining…

And, TA DA!  Here’s Jack:

5-8 IMG_0338

Even when we first met Jack, he loved guitars.  However, he has since become obsessed with guitar making (acoustic, of course!)  Guitars and motorcycles:

No, Jay.  You don’t need another vehicle!

When I talked to all of them, guess what!  They were getting ready for DINNER!  Yes, Jack and Carole were Californians, but I think they’ve adjusted to the ways of the South.

More to follow soon.  Goodnight!


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